Our Approach

We understand the importance of your investment in your landscape, so every project starts with a consultation to understand your project’s specific needs.

Our Mission and Guarantee

At Avant Gardener, we specialize in transforming urban landscapes. Whether it’s in-town residential homes, soaring high-rises, or shared condominium garden designs, our team handles every detail: design, planning, installation, and maintenance.

We deliver show-stopping results you might expect from a firm three times our size, but we’ve found staying small makes it easier to build the bonds that keep us close to every client we serve. Part of that bond includes our plant and service guarantee: our promise to replace any plant that doesn’t meet your standards.

We are built as a team, we believe in the power of design, and we will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations.

At Avant Gardener We:

  • Believe in choosing plants that fit the local environment and are both beautiful and resilient
  • Love to offer clients the option of live arrangements as an alternative to fresh cut flowers
  • Always use organic top dressings and mulches to protect against water loss
  • Work to conserve water with smart irrigation systems and rain sensors
  • Hand-water most interior and exterior plant sites to avoid water waste from irrigation systems
  • Always practice proactive maintenance to reduce plant replacements
  • Are fanatical about recycling and re-use – including all paper, cardboard, and plastic products