Rick Sisson

Actual Job: Owner, Sales, Customer Relations
Fantasy Job: Head gardener at Palace Versailles in Versailles, France
Favorite Tool: Avant Gardener visor
Personality: Typical Libra, balancing act is between self and others
Backstory: Passion for horticulture started in the 7th grade when I put together two planters for my mom on Mother’s Day. At the time of high school graduation I had numerous annual and perennial beds, a rose garden, containers and hanging baskets in my family’s yard. Graduate of the University of Kansas with a degree in Environmental Science. The decision to start Avant Gardener came about while traveling to Colorado for Christmas with my family in December 2004.
When I’m not working, you will find me: At the gym or piddling round in my yard.
Catchphrase: “Just make it happen!”
What I love about my job: Watching the growth, both personally and professionally, of all my team members.
Unknown Talent: I can play a mean game of basketball
Favorite Word: “What up, G?”