Michael Dunn

Actual job: Flower Maintenance Team Member

Fantasy job: World Traveler/ Anthropologist/ Ethnobotanist

Favorite/most dangerous tool:  Watering Hose

Personality:   Kind, Easy Going, Optimistic

Backstory: I worked in my parents vegetable garden when I was very young and have always appreciated plants.  I have a degree in Environmental Science from Berry College where I worked as their biology greenhouse manager.  I have throughly enjoyed working at Avant Gardener since May 2017.

When I’m not working you’ll find me: Going out with friends, playing pick-up soccer/basketball

Catchphrase: “better busy than bored”

What I love about my job: Being able to work with my hands and providing the people of Atlanta the opportunity to appreciate the natural world.

Unknown talent: juggle and unicycle but not at the same time

Favorite Word: bamboozled