Kate Mattison

Actual job: Holiday Décor Designer, Interior Plantscaping Designer

Fantasy job: World traveling horticulturalist and entomologist

Favorite and/or most dangerous tool: GLITTER!!! And when gardening, my eyes

Personality: Social butterfly, passionate, Scorpio

Backstory: I’ve always been a gardener, but after college and an 8 year stint as a corporate travel agent, I decided to follow my heart and start designing gardens for friends. Then I found Avant Gardener in 2008 and convinced Rick that I would be a perfect fit. My family also owned a wholesale plant nursery in Central Florida for over 40 years, so I grew up around plants, it’s in the blood!

When I’m not working, you’ll find me: Exploring with my husband Matt and our two little girls, gardening or working on home improvement projects.

Catchphrase: “I know, right?” and during the holidays, “make it work, designers!”

What I love about my job: That I get to work with interesting and knowledgeable people and help beautify Atlanta!

Unknown Talent: Springboard diver

Your favorite word: Inflorescence